How our smoothie bikes  work

Just in case you’re wondering, smoothie bikes are stationary pedal bikes with a blending jug attached to the front wheel. The energy is transferred from the movement of the pedals, through the wheel which then drives the dynamo. The dynamo is connected to the blender base fitting, turning the blades which blends your smoothie. Very clever, we know!


The smoothie bikes have increased in popularity within companies that want to promote health and well-being activities amongst their staff. 

Smoothie Bikes by Blend N Bike in Norfolk
Smoothe Bike
Blend N Bike at Bolton Festival

"We were very pleased with how friendly and flexible the team were, especially considering the distance they travelled to reach us. The juice bikes were very well received and enjoyed by all our staff."

James Foan, HMP Norwich

Team Aviva making smoothis

Benefits of  hiring a    Smoothie  bike 

  • Increasing Event Interaction | By offering a healthy refreshment for delegates

  • Customer Engagement | Attracting crowds  

  • Promoting Sustainable Energy | Smoothie bikes are completely pedal powered and Eco-friendly

  • Encouraging a healthy lifestyle | These Eco smoothie bikes are fitness promoting machines

  • Promoting healthier eating habits | Providing pedal powered smoothies and offering nutritional information about the benefits of increasing fruit and vegetable consumption regularly and consistently

  • Raising Brand Awareness at your event | Increasing footfall by encouraging delegates to interact with your brand by getting on a bike


  • Selling Smoothies | Generating profit for charity events or to cover your costs of hiring a bike if you want try and recover hire costs

Smoothie Bikes are often referred to as juice bikes, but don't let that fool you.


Smoothie bikes offer a huge range of benefits for customers and clients during well-being events. These include; creating an interactive and positive environment throughout the day, encouraging people to enjoy healthy smoothies in a fun and exciting manner, showing people that fruit and veg can be incorporated into their daily routine easily through minor changes. So no excuses, jump on, raise your heart rate and reward yourself with a delicious nutritious drink.


This certainly is an amazing way to add some fun to your well-being day indeed. They are much more than just smoothie making machines, let us tell you! 

Well-being events,   open days & exhibitions

  • Council festivals

  • Conferences & exhibitions

  • Corporate events

  • University open days

  • Fundraising & community days

  • Shopping centre promotions

  • Sports days

  • School & village fetes 

  • Health & well-being days

  • Wedding entertainment

  • Charity fundraising events 

  • ​Eco Events & environmental days

  • Mental health awareness 

  • Youth support events 


  • Christmas parties

  • Wedding | Birthday | Celebrations​

  • Prison Staff well-being 

  • Company well-being Days 

  • Conference refreshments

  • Community events


Depending on the type of event venue will depend on whether we need to supply slightly different equipment. We like to have the perfect set-up every time.


We supply experienced event staff only.Whether you're looking for a smoothie maker or an extra pair of hands. We have it covered, just let us know how many you need.

DATE AND LOCATION                  

What date will the event be held on? Spring and summer months are the bikes busiest time of year. Book in advance if your event falls between April and August. 


How many bikes do you need? Don't forget to think about the space you have to play with at your event. 


How many people are expected to be attending the event? 100, 200? If you're unsure but have a rough idea we can use an estimate figure. 

    Nutritional Smoothies     

Our smoothies are sure to give you 2 of your 5 a-day. They are packed with delicious, nutritional fruity goodness! Bonus, it's hard to find the time to eat so much fruit in a day hey!

 Active Engagement 

Fitness and regular activity is essential to our overall health and well-being and not to mention our waist line! The Smoothie bikes give you a chance to raise that heartbeat, increase oxygen to the cells and release those endorphins. Yay! Happy days! With a well deserved smoothie on the side.

Increase brand awareness

& engagement 

If you're looking to increase brand awareness then you've come to the right place or rather you're looking at a service that was built for the job! Maybe you fancy treating your staff to a bit of fun during your well-being event? Either way, you're on to a good thing here.

                                       Mojito  Madness 


Yep, you heard right. Contact us for our cocktail bike hire prices. Create an even bigger buzz during your event by offering smoothies & cocktails. We doubt you'll have any complaints! And remember, everything in moderation!

Environmentally    friendly       

Pedal powered smoothie bikes and recyclable supplies mean that you don't have to worry about your carbon foot print with us. 

David Attenborough would be so proud.

No need for electricity, these babies do all the work.

NHS Improving Mental Well-being

Health and Well-being at Work Survey 2019 by CIPD

smoothie bike experience

Hop on one of our smoothie bikes & pedal a delicious smoothie 

Now your talking 




Well-being literature tailored to your event. Healthy Menus

Better Breakfast Tips

The benefits of our top five exercises

Mindfulness: recommended listens

Thinking Board

Encouraging group interaction, sharing ideas and putting thoughts on our communal thinking boards during your event. 

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